Unbelievably, Nusa Penida is in the Sovereign of Being the Best Backpacker Destination in the World

Dec 05, 2019
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The charm of various tourist destinations in Bali has no doubt its beauty. We must be proud because recently Nusa Penida on the Island of the Gods has just been named as the number one backpacker destination for 2020 by Hostelworld.


The exotic nature of Nusa Penida's landscape is indeed always successful in hypnotizing millions of pairs of eyes of tourists from various parts of the world.

Yes, that means a lot of tourists are making Nusa Penida as their dream vacation bucket list.

Quoted by Suara.com from the press release of the official website of Hosterlworld, the cliffs shaped like Tyrannosaurus Rex on Kelingking Beach are the main attraction for Nusa Penida.


When visiting Nusa Penida, if lucky travelers can also watch manta rays and stop by the Bali Starling shelter.

The Hostelworld website also mentions that the relaxed condition of Nusa Penida is also very suitable for backpackers.

Tourists who come to Nusa Penida can also easily rent a motorbike or car to get around the island.

If Nusa Penida is in the first level, then who is the second, third and so on?


Apparently, in the second place there is Surat Thani in Thailand which also presents an attractive natural landscape.

Then in third place is Siargo Island in the Philippines which is famous for its tear-shaped islands.

In addition to the three destinations, Hostelworld also noted 20 other major tourist destinations that had more than doubled bookings such as Ha Giang 118 percent, and Phong Nha 104 percent, both from Vietnam.

Not to forget, Kuta Lombok is also included in fifth place with an increase of 107.5 percent. This shows the desire for long-distance adventurers especially young backpackers who are on the rise.

Here are the 20 best destinations for backpackers in the Hostelworld 2020 version, with data on increasing hostel bookings from British tourists:

1. Nusa Penida, Indonesia 610 percent

2. Surat Thani, Thailand 256 percent

3. Siargao Island, Philippines 181 percent4. Ha Giang, Vietnam 118 percent

5. Kuta Lombok, Indonesia 108 percent

6. Phong Nha, Vietnam 104 percent

7. Amman, Jordan 61 percent

8. Lake Tekapo, New Zealand 49 percent

9. Ibiza, Spain 49 percent

10. Ninh Binh, Vietnam 36 percent

11. Coron, Philippines 23 percent

12. Faro, Portugal 20 percent

13. Yosemite, United States 18 percent

14. Beirut, Lebanon 18 percent

15. Fukuoka, Japan 18 percent

16. Lagos, Portugal 17 percent

17. Mount Fuji, Japan 13 percent

18. Ha Long, Vietnam 12 percent

19. Cornwall, United Kingdom 12 percent

20. Quy Nhon, Vietnam 12 percent

Wow, how cool is that Nusa Penida gets first place as Hostelworld's backpaker tourist destination.

So how, when will you enjoy this super relaxing backpacker experience in Nusa Penida?

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