Should You Invest in a Bali Vacation Home?

Jun 02, 2021
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Investing in a permanent residence or a vacation home in a foreign country is a serious decision that requires a lot of research to be completed beforehand. Bali is a beautiful place where many people love to vacation. However, you need to ask yourself if it is the right place for you to invest in property. Below are some questions every potential buyer should ask themselves before investing in property in Bali.

Can I Afford Home Costs?

The first thing to look at is whether you can afford to buy property in Bali or not. According to, the monthly cost of living in Bali is between $1,000 and $2,000. However, these costs do not only include rent and utilities, but costs of dining out, health insurance, hiring maids and gardeners, and using other luxuries.

You can cut down the costs of living in Bali by doing a couple of different things. Eating out less and doing all of the chores around your home can save hundreds of dollars each month. If you want to cut down on utility costs as well, consider using less water and gas or use green energy, like a solar battery

Will I Like the Climate?

Bali is located just a few degrees south of the equator. This is what gives Bali its hot and tropical climate year-round. Now, you need to ask yourself if you will be comfortable living in such a warm climate. The highs for most of the year are around 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while the lows are around 75. 

Another thing to consider, outside of the temperature, is the amount of rain Bali gets. Bali's rainy season lasts from November to March each year. During these months, it rains for half of the days of the month or more. If you are not a fan of the rain, it would be best to only live in Bali during the dry season.

Can I Walk Far Distances Comfortably?

While Bali does have some roads, most traveling around the area requires walking. Sometimes, walking can be hazardous because of trails riddled with roots, vines, and rocks; roads that have not been repaired recently; and uneven steps in various locations.

If you can walk around easily, then all of these things should not pose much of a problem. If you want to test yourself before you travel to Bali, take a hike on a medium-level hiking trail. If you won't make it through the trail without any problems, then you can most likely walk around Bali easily.

Do I Enjoy Spending Time Outside?

Most of the attractions in Bali are outside or require a lot of traveling outside in order to get to them. These include beaches, temples, and more. So, if you do not enjoy spending time outside (in hot weather and rain), then Bali could very well be the perfect place for you. If you are more of an indoors kind of person, then you will want to set your sights elsewhere.

Can I Speak Indonesian?

Most of the population of Bali speaks Indonesian. However, there are some native residents of the area that can also/either speak Balinese and/or English. Most of the English-speaking people live near the large tourist centers, while people who speak Balinese and Indonesian exclusively will live in more remote areas. 

While you do not need to know how to speak Indonesian to make your way in the more populated areas of Bali, you should learn a little bit or hire a translator if you are planning on spending time in more remote areas. At the very least, you should be able to speak English fluently in order to communicate with most translators. 

Visiting or moving to Bali is a decision that takes a lot of thought and research beforehand. If you can answer positively to all of the questions above, then it might be time to make your visit or move to Bali!