Balinese Cooking Class

Aug 26, 2019
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You know, I used to eat because that’s what people do to survive. I ate because it was something you learn from a young age that you have to do everyday, so when you feel hungry, you eat something. It doesn’t really matter what, as long as it stops you from being hungry, right???


I have an incredible love for food. And now, not only do I eat tasty, well made meals because of the sensual flavours and the experience, but I eat foods that make me feel good too.

Over the years, I have learned to tune into my body and realise what it needs to stay in a state of flow, and one of the biggest contributors is food. 

This doesn’t mean you have to constantly indulge in the best foods money can offer. In fact, there are huge benefits in fasting and it can make you feel just as good as eating a wholesome meal.

But when I do choose to sit down for a meal, I ideally prefer it to have as many colours as possible and give me organic energy to carry on with my day or set me up for sleep.

If it were up to me I’d eat a bowl of Spinach or Kale every morning with some eggs, mushrooms and peppers on a fresh seed bread, but I also love a tropical fruit bowl now and again.

I’ve travelled the world now and enjoyed many cultural dishes, and I must say, there are very few I won’t recommend, but one cuisine I have definitely grown to love more and more, is Balinese.

The Balinese cuisine is unlike no other and their playful use of flavours is addictive to the taste buds. Unfortunately, there aren’t many, if any, Balinese restaurants around the world, so unless you live in Bali, you can’t benefit from the cuisine, unless of course, you learn to make it for yourself. 

Whilst living in Bali, I attended a cooking class that I didn’t even know I wanted to do until I did it.

Now I can take the Balinese cuisine with me wherever I go. 

Let me run you through it…


Balinese Cooking Class @ “Warung MUFU”

We met up with the class in Kuta and were taken to a local market where we learned about different local produce and its uses in traditional Balinese cooking.

After the market, we were taken to the restaurant and enjoyed a morning snack and refreshments. 

The restaurant is beautifully decorated and set out perfectly for a spacious class. The staff were incredibly welcoming and excited to help where they could.

The chef explained the ingredients of each dish to be cooked that day and was extremely knowledgable. What I learned during this part of the class was worth it already.

We were each given a dish to prepare and started by cutting, grinding and crushing different ingredients for the recipes.

We took turns at the hot plate whilst the chef helped add ingredients and explain the process of creating the dish.

By lunch time we had a table full of different dishes and the aroma was mouth watering.

We sat down to enjoy lunch together and then finished off the day by making dessert and enjoying that too. 


The day was delightful and couldn’t of gone better. This is now top of my list of things to do in Bali and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to travel and explore the local culture here.

Please visit WARUNG MUFU If you’d like to attend a class.

Watch The Video HERE ->