Feb 22, 2020
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Bali Guns Ink Tattoo Parlor based on Legian Street 109 Kuta-Bali is a Company Runs In The Field Of Tattoo And Body Piercing That Prioritizes The Best Quality At Competitive Prices.

Our vision : Best Quality, Competitive Pricing, And Friendly Staff

Our Mission : Be Able To Compete In The World Of Tattoo In Bali, Especially By Prioritizing The Quality And Sterile Equipment

Getting A Tattoo On Your Skin That Matches Your Chosen ArtWork Is Only One Aspect Among The Various Tattoo Experiences. At Bali Guns Ink Tattoo Parlor, We Take The Tattoo Experience Process Seriously.

Our Tattoo Artists Are All Professionals And Are Very Dedicated To Their Work And Care Deeply About The Cleanliness Of The Equipment.

Our Achievement :

  1. Magic Ink Tattoo Contest 2018 ( The Best Sport Theme)
  2. Bali Tattoo Expo 2016 ( Top Score Category Day 2 )
  3. Magic Ink Tattoo Contest 2017 ( The Best Color Category )
  4. Magic Ink Tattoo Contest 2016 ( 2nd Place Fauna )