4 Days in Sanur, Bali

Aug 26, 2019
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Watch The Video HERE -> https://youtu.be/nlD8XAlhz_M

Last week we were blessed to have my partner’s mom and sister come over from Australia to visit us here in Bali. They only had a limited amount of time so we had to make the most of it.

We decided to settle them into a villa in Sanur, which is on the East Coast of the island almost half way up. We chose this as an ideal location because of its proximity to all of the main towns without having to deal with too many tourists. Don’t get me wrong, You won’t find too many places on the island without tourists, but Sanur has a very laid back lifestyle and still offers all the attractions. Plus it’s the departure point for most boats leaving the island.

I spent about 10 days here last year (2018) whilst doing my Kiteboarding training, and I absolutely loved it. It also offers a vast dynamic of live music performances throughout the town when the sun goes down. I was lucky enough to play at 2 venues last year and met some incredible performers.


We had a lot less time there this time around but we sure did make the most of it.

Let me run you through our adventure.

Day 1– Lucky for us, the Sanur Kite Festival was on during the weekend we were there, but as I know from last year, you can head over to Mertasari beach most afternoons and you’ll find an awesome display of kites. It’s an incredible way to watch a sunset.


Day 2 – We headed to Uluwatu, which was about an hour drive in a taxi. We paid a driver for the day and it cost 500K Rp which is about 35 USD. First, he took us to Dreamland beach so we could get brunch on the beach and go for a surf. Apart from the rest of the surf breaks in Uluwatu, Dreamland doesn’t break onto a reef and is a much gentler wave for more novice surfers. Looking down the coastline from here you can see all of the major surf breaks right up to the point. We then headed to Uluwatu look out which is an incredible place to watch the sunset and see some magnificent waves. The cliffside is lined with restaurants and markets and the many steps down lead you to an opening to a beach and a walk over the reef depending on the tide.

Day 3– We decided late the night before that we wanted to visit Lembongan Island, and to our surprise, we were able to arrange a full day tour at about 10 pm for the next day at 70USD/person. A driver picked us up at our villa at 8 am and took us to the harbour where a fast boat raced us across the channel in half an hour to arrive at a white sandy beach and a tropical setting. From there we transferred into a smaller boat and headed off for a snorkelling trip. Despite the name, Manta Point, I was still surprised to jump in the water and be surrounded by giant Manta Rays flying through the water effortlessly with their massive wingspan. It was one of those things I’ll add to my bucket list just so I can tick it off. It’s something I never knew I really wanted to do until I was doing it. We then went to 2 other snorkelling spots on beautiful tropical reefs teaming with all types of exotic fish. It was then time to return to the shore where we enjoyed a complimentary lunch at a beachside restaurant and then jumped into an open safari-type van to explore the island.

We first drove out to a place called the Panorama Point which overlooks the aqua blue coastline.


Next was Devil’s Tear, which is a captivating view of the waves meeting the eroded cliffside and creating a blowout from the underside of the rock. And finally there was Dream Beach which is simply an exotic beachside location set in a beautiful bay.


Day 4– After enjoying a relaxing morning and exploring a bit of Sanur, We headed to Seminyak to learn some culinary skills in the kitchen of an incredible restaurant located conveniently in the heart of the town but away from the chaos of the main street, next to a small market selling beautiful Balinese gifts. We were warmly welcomed at the “Kin Vegan Cooking Class” and learned to create some incredibly delicious Vegan meals that I can now recreate wherever I go.




We spent the rest of the evening exploring the busy streets of Seminyak and browsing in the many quality stores before making our way back to Sanur for a glass of champagne with our guests before they returned home the next day, from a successful getaway in Bali.

Watch The Video HERE -> https://youtu.be/nlD8XAlhz_M